10 Things Stressed Mom’s Want Their Family to Know

I spend a lot of time in the therapy hour supporting moms who are stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. And while each of them has a different reason for coming into therapy, one child or six, working from home or stay-at-home, there is a common theme they share: there never seems to be enough time to get things done and the exhaustion is real. Here’s my perspective on what stressed moms want their families to know.

1. She’s really tired. No, she’s more than tired, she’s exhausted.

2. Doing things herself is easier than the constant repeat and frustration.

3. Cooperation from her family goes a long way and reduces her stress.

4. Her family following through with their responsibilities, is the best way to show respect.

5. Before she does anything, she thinks two things: How will this impact my family? And, is it possible?

6. She anticipates everyone’s needs before someone asks, even when she’s exhausted.

7. Her family does not burden her; she’s overwhelmed with trying to get it all done with limited time, support, and cooperation.

8. She worries about what she may be forgetting or who she could be failing or disappointing.

9. She questions if anyone notices or can see she needs help, has interests and if often feels she’s being taken for granted.

10. She loves her family more than anyone could imagine; she’s just so exhausted.

Can you relate? I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective!

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4 thoughts on “10 Things Stressed Mom’s Want Their Family to Know

  1. I can relate to everything you said. I share my feelings but it seems that my support thinks I over react. I plead for help and it seems to go no where. I am in counseling and have started medication management. They want me to goto DBT classes. I have no self care except to take a shower n eat when I have the chance. Feel like I’m going in circles. I’m glad I saw your newsletter and receive the articles from you. It makes me feel like I’m not alone and I will get through this.

  2. Hi Cassandra, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this topic. We all need support, and often it can be hard for others to accept when we need help because they’re used to us getting everything done all the time! I’m glad you’re in counseling and receiving support, that is an act of self-care! I relate to the feelings of going in a circle, but sounds like you’re making steady progress. You are not alone and so glad you found the momswellbeing community, hugs to you.

  3. Yes, yes and yes ….. I’m exhausted my needs are always in the back burner, I’m out of work due to PTSD the last few weeks i had time to fit in two counseling sessions which is not enough, It’s harder to be at home I feel that because I’m at home my job never ends cooking, cleaning everything that the house needs I do….the constant bickering between my two daughters they are on Summer hols from school, my husband works 6 days a week and does not see my need for just one hour out for me if it’s just a walk or the shop alone with no fighting, he got the kids puppy last month …like seriously I did not need another responsibility in my life just yet …. and he heads away to India for 3 weeks to tick another thing of his bucket list….I am tired, frustrated, over worked and underpaid ….. I want to return to college to upskill not a hope as the hours are just not there …. great to see it’s not only me

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