Her View From Home Piece: Facing the ‘Your Changing Body Talk’ with Your Child

Excited to share my post on Her View From Home. Being a mom teaches me so many lessons, including how to guide my girls through development and the changes that happen emotionally, physically and mentally as they grow. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it!

Facing the ‘Your Changing Body Talk’ with Your Child

In my 16 years mothering four daughters, there have been a handful of dreaded parenting milestones: potty training, your changing body talk, and drivers ed.

Everything else, I’m able to jump right it.

Sleep through the night training—no problem!

Transitioning to full day school—I embrace it!

The first school trip alone on a plane—nervous, but able to let them go.

Vaping, alcohol and drugs, sexual assault awareness and how to use social media and still be able to get a job in 10 years, I am your go-to mom, ask away.

I’ve been through some tough parenting issues and experiences. I can handle many situations and topics. And as a clinical psychologist, part of it comes from my training and experience; I’ve worked with adolescents for 20 years. I am very comfortable talking about a lot of things that would make many parents blush.

But for some reason, when it comes to my children, I have a few dreaded parenting moments. My Achilles heel is the “Your Changing Body Talk”.

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