Article: Motherhood is Filled With Shadow Emotions & It’s Time We Acknowledge This

So excited to share this post on Shadow Emotions written for As a clinical psychologist I’ve been supporting mamas for decades regarding emotional health and well-being. I’m grateful to be part of the dialogue changing the way we talk about emotional experiences in motherhood. We can feel shadow emotions and also be amazing mothers. Just because you have a shadow emotion, doesn’t mean you’re not a wonderful mom. Shadow emotions are part of motherhood, and we need to start framing our emotional experiences separate from our worth. Here’s the beginning of the article at

Motherhood is Filled With Shadow Emotions & It’s Time We Acknowledge This

I’m afraid I’m failing my children.

I have so much mom guilt.

I feel like I’m not a good mother.

These are some of the many phrases I’ve heard repeatedly throughout my twenty years of experience in the therapy room supporting mothers. As a clinical psychologist and writer, I can affirm that the words we use to describe ourselves, experiences, relationships, and in motherhood, matter.

Words are the foundation of expression-opening a window, revealing our inner values, beliefs, thoughts, and how we see the world. And the words we use in mothering, not only with our children but with ourselves, are incredibly powerful.

Eighteen years ago, when I became a mother to premature twin girls, I learned early on, sharing my raw and honest feelings in those first years-scared, exhausted, overwhelmed and ineffective at times, was often met with discomfort, or changing the subject, or encouraging me to focus on the positive. There seemed to be an unspoken taboo in motherhood-don’t talk about or share the challenging parts of mothering, keep those feelings to yourself.

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