Thrive Global Piece: Self-Care Isn’t Hard, We Just Think It Is

Hi there! Super excited to share my latest contribution on ThriveGlobal, Ariana Huffington’s site promoting all things related to self-care and well-being. My latest post is: Self-Care Isn’t Hard, We Just Think It Is. Here’s a blurb from the post, I’d love to have you check it out on the site!

Self-Care Isn’t Hard, We Just Think It Is

Self-Care is a term mental health and health care professionals have been familiar with for decades. Over the past several years there has been a shift in awareness moving the term, self-care, into the mainstream. The progress is fantastic, not without confusion though. I’ve seen a trend online, in the media, on social network sites, and with my clients in the therapy hour, there is a lot of confusion about self-care.

Self-care seems to be a catch-all phrase used for any activity or behavior a person feel like engaging in. Self-care is a broad and general term, and as a mental health provider, I spend time educating people on what self-care is and isn’t, and how to bring sustainable self-care behaviors into one’s life creating a foundation to manage life demands, stress and feel purposeful and happy.

Here are five myths about self-care I often hear from clients and see in the media:

If you’d like to see the full article on ThriveGlobal, please check it out at: Self-Care Isn’t Hard, We Just Think It Is

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