TODAY Parenting Team: Mama, I Want to Remind You…

So excited to share my latest post on for the Today Parenting Team: Mama, I Want to Remind You. Here’s an excerpt from the post and the full article can be found at the link below.

To the Mama who fears she’s failing at mothering right now, I want you to know how much you matter.

I know there’s so much pressure on you right now. Even if there weren’t external pressures, added demands, and responsibilities on you, chances are, you’re likely putting so much pressure on yourself to be everything at all times to your family. To absorb the stress, and protect from worry, and to hold it together.

All. Day. Long.

And the background noise as you go through the day, likely a whisper and sometimes louder as a scream, is critical, judgmental statements, reminding you to be perfect, to always get it right, highlighting your flaws and shortcomings. Telling you even at the end of the day when you’re exhausted and accomplished so much, that it wasn’t quite enough, and you could have done more.

And even as exhausted as you are when your head hits the pillow for bed, you toss and turn, thoughts racing through your mind-wondering, what did you forget, what needs to be done, what could happen in the future, fearing that you’re somehow you could be failing as a mother.

To read the entire post, please head over to Today Parenting: Mama, I Want to Remind You… 

Happy Mother’s Day and please share this with a mama you love who needs this reminder!

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