Announcing In-Session with Dr. Claire

Oh my, have I been busy! I am so excited to finally share the projects I have been working on since March of this year. For the past eight months, I’ve redesigned my websites, and, created a podcast, In-Session with Dr. Claire, and developed quizzes, “How Is Your Well-Being and Self-Care?” and, “Are You a Burned Out Mom? / Are You a Burned Out Dad?” I’ve developed and created these quizzes to help you strengthen your self-care and well-being. I also have a column on, called, Ask Dr. Claire, where you can send me your questions on well-being, self-care, relationships, parenting, and any other mental health topic, and I’ll share my thoughts and suggestions.

I have such a sense of accomplishment completing this phase of the project and hope you find the information and new additions to the sites helpful, encouraging and inspiring! To say I am thrilled is an understatement. The completion of a project like this has been one incredible journey, exhausting at times, and I’m so happy to be able to share the finished projects with you!

Please take a look around and be sure to check out And, if you find the information helpful please share this post or other parts of the sites with friends and family on social media, I would greatly appreciate your help! And don’t forget to Signup to get the latest posts, newsletters, and other information.

Finally, I am so grateful to my husband, children, parents, and friends for their support, encouragement, and understanding during this process. Most of the development of this site happened late at night, early in the morning, and when my children were at school, but on occasion, I had to miss activities to complete deadlines. This endeavor has been a family project of love and understanding. My supportive family and friends have been incredible helping me brainstorm ideas, concepts, reviewing quiz questions and feedback, developing logos and being interviewed for soon to be released podcasts. If it wasn’t for the support of my husband and children, day in and day out, for eight months, this project may have never been completed.

And I am also very grateful for the professional connections and support I have received from Nick, Christopher, Rachel, Christie at Alter Endeavors who helped guide, create and support me in the process of designing and developing the websites. For me, there was nothing more tender than handing over my creative and professional concepts and seeing it transform it a tangible creation. They are truly an amazing and talented team! Finally, thank you to Joe at Hamilton Productions who assists with the technical part of podcasting and editing, created the podcast art, and has been a great support jumping into the world of podcasting.

Thanks for visiting and I hope the information here inspires and encourages you in your wellness journey!

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